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How do we use Cookies and other Tracking Technologies?

Like many other websites, we also use Cookies and other Tracking Technologies on our website.

Tech Togather uses Cookies for a variety of reasons including the enhancement of our user’s online experience. For example, remembering the login information of our users and viewing their preferences.

In particular, we use the following categories of Cookies;

  •       Analytics and performance cookies
  •       Service cookies
  •       Functionality cookies
  •       Social media cookies
  •       Targeting and advertising cookies

What are cookies?

Websites and services may use cookies to store your preferences, track how often you visit a website or service provider’s site – for instance so that they know which advertisements are most profitable.

Cookies can also be used by websites owners themselves in order to do things such as remembering what pages visitors came from (to prevent users getting “stuck” on an advertisement), authenticating against login credentials without having access tokens saved indefinitely etc., but this is rare now days because if compromised these would give hackers access not just outside web security measures like Http Only flags…

 Cookies are a great way to store information about your browsing habits on an individual basis. They’re also used by websites and services you use, like MIT Technology Review! First party cookies help the website owner provide features or functionality such as advertising; third-party (or “third part”) cookie enable them track what other sites visitors go to after visiting their own site – this could be useful if they want more people using one app vs another for example: it might show which ad campaign works better than others based off certain user preferences towards specific products offered within those campaigns

Why do we use cookies and other tracking technologies?

We use first party and third-party cookies for several reasons. Some are essential to the way our websites work, while others help us track user interests so we can provide a personalized experience throughout your visit!

The following passage discusses how Google uses both types of cookie on their website: “We use strictly necessary “strict mannish” words like ‘crayon’ or fingerprint.’ These allow us as developers without access control lists in order to function properly”.

We want to ensure you have the best possible experience using our Services. For example, we use cookies and similar tracking technologies in connection with your subscription so that both us as well as other parties may track how often it is being used for certain purposes like advertisement targeting or analytics reporting on what works best at presenting ads based off viewing behaviors but all without compromising personally identifiable information such has name or email address since these are stored securely behind firewalls out side any user’s reach unless given permission by them first!

We also allow third party vendors who build extensions onto some of our products through either mobile apps

Use of Cookies by Advertising Partners

The advertising networks on our website use cookies to distinguish your web browser and keep a track of ads related information on your web browser.

These advertising companies combine the information that they collect from our website with other information related to your web browser activity that they independently collect. They use the collected information according to their own privacy policies.


If you do not opt-out, you expressly consent to the collection of your information; it’s used, and shared by us and the third parties, according to their privacy policies, preferences, and opt-outs. The users’ consent to the use of Cookies, other local storage, collection, usage, and sharing of their information.

The users can revoke their consent at any time by following the set procedures. Some of the information that is collected through cookies and other tracking technologies does not require affirmative consent and hence you will not be able to opt out of the collection.

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